How to Help

Brooke Lives On in ALL We Do:
Brooke showed us how to love, be compassionate, courageous and supportive.
Pay it forward in Brooke’s honor.

– If someone needs a hand- lend it.
– If someone needs support- offer it.
– If someone needs love-give it.
– If someone needs courage-help them find it.

Demand More Funding:
We also want everyone to remember that these children have no voice, no voting rights. It is up to us, as parents, adults, human beings to protect these kids. Please write to your congressman/woman and demand that funding for Pediatric Brain Tumors be increased in order to find a cure and defeat this terrible disease.

2015 Bikers for Brooke: As we will be planning another B4B event in 2015, if you are interested in becoming a donor or a sponsor, or you have questions on how to help, contact us at

2015 Golf Outing: The 2nd annual Brooke Healey Foundation Golf outing is Monday August 24, 2015. To participate or sponsor the event visit our Golf Outing page.

2015 Casino Night: The first annual Casino Night fundraiser will be held Friday April 17th at the Madison Hotel. Visit he link for registration information.

Thank you in advance for supporting Pediatric Brain Tumor Research and Awareness!