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Helping Families – How Donations Are Used

Sometimes the money goes towards a mortgage or other bill payment; other times the donation is for toys or a fun experience; and often we donate an item that helps manage the illness better – a piece of medical equipment, for example. Anything that makes life just a little bit easier for  sick children and their families makes a huge difference. 

Donated $2,500 to Jibby who was diagnosed with DIPG in April 2015 and sadly passed away on Feb. 28, 2016 at the age of 7.

Donated $3,600 to Gabriella was diagnosed with DIPG in March 2015 and sadly passed away on Nov. 7, 2015 at the age of 6.

Donate $2,000 to Ryan who was diagnosed with DIPG in June 2015 and sadly passed away on February 26, 2016 at the age of 9.

Donated $2,000 to Allen who was diagnosed with DIPG at 8-years-old in October 2015.

Donated $1,000, a king size bed and an air conditioner for 5-year-old Franky, who suffered from DIPG. He had this for his family so that they could all sleep together and be comfortable.

Donated $1,000 4-year-old Nasya from New Lebanon, OH with was batting DIPG, so  her dad could take time off of work and stay home with her.

Donated $1,000 and purchased an adapted trike for $3,682 for Lucas, a 7-year-old boy from New Providence with an inoperable brain tumor.  After one week of practice he is racing down the street instead of restricted to his wheelchair. Check out this video of Lucas cruising on his trike! The Brooke Healey Foundation also organized March a Mile with Lucas and raised $6,000 to contribute towards alterations to Lucas’ home to make it more accessible for his needs. Read this article about the event.

Donated $1,000 to Emma, a 6-year- old New Yorker with a brain tumor and also donated signed Ryan Callahan skates to her brother, who is a huge Ranger fan.

Donated $1,000 to Maylea who was battling a DIPG. We also sent a doll for her sister.

Donated $2,250 to Lily which included sponsoring two fundraising events. Lily was from Wayne NJ and sadly passed away from DIPG on April 6, 2015.

Donated $500 to Brennan, a little boy who lives in California and is battling cancer.

Donated a cello, on behalf of Elefante Music, to a local child battling a brain tumor.

Donated $2,500 to John, an Orchard Park, NY boy battling DIPG. John’s family needed to raise money to pay for a second CED trial that insurance did not cover.

Donated Broadway tickets worth $900 to Aladdin for a Family traveling to NYC for DIPG treatments.

Donated $500 to 1-year-old Frankie from Ohio who was suffering from a neuroblastoma.

Donated $1,000 and toys to 5-year-old Austin who was suffering from DIPG.

Donated $1,000 and toys to Daniel who was suffering from DIPG.

Donated $200 worth of gift cards to Gianna who was suffering from leukemia.

Sent Christmas gifts to 6 kids with DIPG.

Scholarships Awarded
6 scholarships totaling $3,000 for civic service

  • 4 – 2014 graduating seniors from Madison High School
  • 2  – 2014 graduating seniors from New Providence High School

Supporting Research and Organizations

Donated $75,000 to the DIPG.org Consortium for targeted research.
(The Brooke Healey Foundation is a Foundational Partner of the Consortium.)

Donated to Dr Souwedaine at Cornell and Dr Becher Duke, two of the leading DIPG doctors and researchers.

Donated $10,000 to the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation

Donated $5,000 to Heartworks, the 501c3 organization that supported us before we became our own foundation

Donated to MSKCC

Donated to Make a Wish

Donated to Miles for Hope

Donated to Atlantic Hospice

Donated to Fill-A-Need Foundation